Eurecon publishers – information on innovation and sustainability in the pharma sector

Eurecon, the publishing house for the pharmaceuticals sector, offers pertinent information on a wide range of healthcare issues to interested professionals and laypersons. Its focus is on innovation and sustainability in the health sector.

Since 2000, Eurecon has been conducting the annual survey ‘Pharma Trend’ to obtain an independent measure of the innovativeness and sustainability of pharmaceutical companies from the perspective of users – Germany’s physicians, pharmacists and patients. Each year, the most innovative drugs and the best pharmaceutical companies are distinguished at the ‘Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award’ ceremony, which is also known as the ‘Pharma Oscars’. More specifically, the individual awards include ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘Most Innovative Product®’ for each specialty, as well as the overall ranking ‘Pharma Trend® Best Pharmaceutical Companies’.

Publishing scope

In 2000, Eurecon initiated the Pharma Trend survey and has been conducting it each year since among independent German physicians in the category Rx. Since 2018, the survey has additionally taken place in the categories OTC (pharmacists and patients), Orphan Drugs (clinicians) and Startups and since 2019 also in the Specialty Care category (clinicians). With the expansion of Pharma Trend, pharmaceutical companies are being evaluated on their innovativeness and sustainability by their most important stakeholders (doctors, pharmacists and patients).

Reports with the results of the benchmark analysis are prepared for each specialty and indication. Additional reports span all specialties and indications. The reports for ‘Pharma Trend Europe Big5’ are provided both in country-specific and in international formats for each specialty.

Furthermore, Eurecon hosts the ‘Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award’ ceremony, which has taken place each year since 2004 at the German Museum in Munich. This is where the awards and ranking are published, prior to being communicated in Eurecon’s online media. Among these media are the bilingual website and PharmaBarometer, a pharmaceuticals trade journal for innovation and sustainability, which Eurecon has been publishing since 2000. It is addressed to a broad audience of pharmaceutical professionals and to interested laypersons. The journal has been published online since 2014.

For the winners of its ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘Most Innovative Product®’ awards, Eurecon provides a range of marketing measures and advertising signets for use in print and online media.