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Eurecon Verlag – Information on innovation and sustainability in pharmaceuticals

The Eurecon Verlag is a pharmaceutical publishing house that offers information on relevant issues in the health sector to an interested professional and lay audience. Its focus is on topics such as innovation and sustainability in the health care industry.

With the Pharma Trend market research, which has been conducted annually since 2000, Eurecon Verlag independently and without influence measures the innovation and sustainability of pharmaceutical companies from the perspective of users – Germany’s doctors, pharmacists and patients. The most innovative medicines and best pharmaceutical companies are honoured at the “Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award” via the subject-specific awards “The Golden Tablet®” and “The Most Innovative Product®” as well as the interdisciplinary ranking “Pharma Trend® Best Pharmaceutical Companies”.


Publishing programme

The survey has been carried out on behalf of the journal PharmaBarometer annually in the category Rx by doctors in Germany since the year 2000 and in the categories OTC, Orphan Drugs since 2018 and additionally in the category Specialty Care since 2019. Through the questioning of doctors, pharmacists and patients, it forms the basis for the awards ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘Most Innovative Product®’ as well as the ranking ‘Pharma Trend® Germany Best Pharmaceutical Companies’. In 2021 the study will be expanded to include the categories “Diagnostic” and “Digital Health”. With the expansion of the Pharma Trend, pharmaceutical- and medical technology-companies are being evaluated on innovation and sustainability by their most important stakeholders (doctors, pharmacists and patients).

The report volumes can be ordered in different formats. In the basic version, the report volume contains information on the winners of the awards ‘The Golden Tablet®’ (exception: Diagnostic Trend) and ‘Most Innovative Product®’ along with the reasons for their success, as well as an assessment of the companies’ image and sales force. Much of this information is also presented for the previous year for comparison. The standard reporting volume also contains the assessments of four other pharmaceutical / diagnostic companies with regard to 11 aspects, i. E .: Marketing and sales quality, product and service quality, innovative strength, profitability, transparency, responsibility, ethical action, management quality and business success. The Ranking Basis report volume contains the ranking of all companies included in the benchmark study. The Ranking Standard reporting volume also contains the assessments of four other pharmaceutical / diagnostics companies with regard to the aforementioned 11 aspects. The report volume Europe Big5 contains the country-specific evaluations.

Furthermore, Eurecon Verlag is the organiser of the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award, which has taken place once a year at the Deutsches Museum in Munich since 2004. The awards and rankings are published there and then communicated in Eurecon Verlag’s online media. These include the multilingual site and the magazine PharmaBarometer – Journal for Innovation and Sustainability, which has been published since 2000. This is aimed at a broad professional audience from the pharmaceutical industry and interested laypersons. PharmaBarometer has been published online since 2014.

For the awards “The Golden Tablet®” and “The Most Innovative Product®“, the publishing house has various communication packages. The rights of use for the advertising signets for the awards and the rankings can be acquired.