Pharma Trend: survey of innovation and sustainability in pharmaceutical companies

Pharma Trend

Pharma Trend, the survey to measure innovativeness and sustainability in the pharmaceuticals sector, has been conducted annually since 2000. The data for the representative benchmark analysis are collected online. On the basis of these data, we determine the winners of the awards ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘Most Innovative Product®’, as well as the Pharma Trend ranking of the most reputable pharma companies. The winners of the awards and the ranking are announced each year during the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award ceremony.

Conditions of participation

A company that orders the report ´Pharma Trend Standard´ in a specialist group or indication will be listed in the benchmark and becomes a potential winner of the awards ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘The Most Innovative Product®’. With its order, a company can additionally nominate three other companies for inclusion in the benchmark. The decision on the collection of the Pharma Trend is made after ordering the market research for the respective section and is limited across all categories to 10 subject groups per year. The number of orders for a specialist group determines the implementation of the survey. The right to carry out further specialist groups / indications is reserved by Eurecon Verlag.

The Pharma Trend Rx report for Germany may be bought in either of two versions: the ‘Basic’ edition covers all specialist disciplines and does not have benchmarking, while the ‘Standard’ edition does have benchmarking and refers to specific specialist fields. Buyers of the Standard edition will also receive the Basic edition. The Basic edition contains general information about the winners of ‘The Golden Tablet’ and ‘Most Innovative Product’ awards along with the reasons for their success, as well as an assessment of the companies’ image and sales force. Much of this information is also presented for the previous year for comparison. The Basic report also features the ‘Pharma Trend® Germany Best Pharmaceutical Companies’ ranking. The standard edition additionally provides discipline-specific and benchmark data.

Pharma Trend Europe Big 5 contains country-specific analysis, with both general data and discipline- specific benchmarked data. All pharmaceutical companies that order Pharma Trend are included in the benchmark for the relevant specialty.

The Pharma Trend survey is conducted in Germany if at least five clients have ordered the market research for the respective specialist group, with a maximum of 10 specialist groups per year across all categories. The number of requests for each discipline decides if the research will be undertaken. The European study is carried out if at least three orders are received.

Pharma Trend Rx

For the Pharma Trend Rx survey, 100 physicians are asked for their opinion in each specialty. In our experience, this sample size is fully sufficient for representative statements as the results tend to stabilize after about 80 respondents. Pharma Trend Rx is a quantitative survey that is conducted in up to 10 specialist disciplines – exclusively online since 2014. The survey is conducted if, in each specialty, a sufficient number of orders for the research have been received. The questions about the most reputable company and the most innovative product are posed in a completely open fashion. The responses are spontaneous and unsupported.

Pharma Trend OTC

The annual Pharma Trend benchmark analysis will be carried out in the OTC category if ordered for a specific indication. The survey is limited to a maximum of 35 indications. 100 pharmacists and 600 patients are sampled for each indication.

Pharma Trend Orphan Drugs / Specialty Care

The Pharma Trend survey will be conducted in the Orphan Drugs / Specialty Care categories if a report is ordered for an indication. 100 clinicians will be surveyed per indication.

Pharma Trend Europa Big5

In 2003, the Pharma Trend survey was conducted for the first time in the Big5 category, by telephone. Already in 2004, the survey was extended to Europe and conducted online. The next survey for the Pharma Trend Europa Big5 is scheduled to comprise Germany, the UK, France, Spain and Italy. 100 physicians are surveyed per specialty and country.

Pharma Trend Startups

The startups category is open to applications from biotech and medical technology companies, manufacturers of digital health applications, and established pharmaceutical companies with products in the approval process (EMA, positive CHMP recommendation).