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The ranking “Pharma Trend Germany Best Pharma Companies” is announced once a year at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, published the following day on and communicated to 3,400 media (DACH region and USA) via social media channels and press releases (German and English). The communication of the award winners is subject to a fee and tied to the order of Pharma Trend. Eurecon Verlag offers various communication packages for this purpose. The rights to use the signets “The Golden Tablet®” and “The Most Innovative Product®” and “Pharma Trend Germany Best Pharmaceutical Companies” as well as “Pharma Trend® Germany Best IVD Companies” with the associated English-language signets can be purchased without any time or place restrictions.

For the pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies listed in the “Pharma Trend® Best Pharmaceutical Companies” ranking, an advertising sign is available according to the respective ranking with information on the year and the additions “Top1”, “Top 5” and “Top 10”. For the winners of the awards “The Golden Tablet” and “The Most Innovative Product”, advertising signets with details of the year, the respective specialist group and the addition “Top 1” are available. Winners in 2nd and 3rd place can use an advertising signet with the addition “Top 3”.

Pharma Trend goldene Tablette das innovativste Produkt Logos

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