The winners of the awards ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘Most Innovative Product®’ and the ranking ‘Pharma Trend Germany most reputable pharma companies’ are announced each year at the Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Award ceremony held at the German Museum in Munich. The following day, the results are communicated on (> 100,000 clicks p.a.) and via press releases to more than 3,400 media (DACH region and USA).

Communicating the award winners carries a fee and presumes an order for the Pharma Trend report. Eurecon offers a range of tools for the winners to communicate their success. The rights to use the signets ‘The Golden Tablet®’ and ‘The Most Innovative Product®’ and ‘Pharma Trend Germany’s Best Pharmaceutical Companies’ and ‘Pharma Trend Europe Most Reputable Pharma Companies’ may be bought and used without restriction in time and space.

For the companies listed at the top of the ‘Pharma Trend® most reputable companies’ ranking, an advertising signet is available that features the year and the label ‘Top1’, ‘Top5’ or ‘Top10’, depending on their placement in the ranking. Signets that state the year, the respective specialty and the label ‘Top1’ are available for companies that receive the awards ‘The Golden Tablet’ and ‘The Most Innovative Product’. Finalists placed second and third may use a signet labeled ‘Top3’.

pharma trend communication signets